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Are you a freelance tester? Join the 3% of accepted applicants in our network.

Enjoy the flexibility of remote work.

Why join Testlio?

Work flexibility

Create a work schedule that fits your life. Enjoy the flexibility of remote work.

Competitive pay

You’ll get paid hourly, not per bug. Payments are made weekly via PayPal or Payoneer.

Top clients

Work with some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies.

Exclusive network

Not only do we make testing fun, you’ll also have a chance to add your voice to the highest standards of software testing

Skill development

Master different testing capabilities, expand your niche, and get support from other highly experienced testers in our network.

Thriving environment

The Testlio Network is consistently ranked among the best for job satisfaction with an eNPS score of 62.

What you’ll bring

  • Knowledge and experience with test management tools*
  • Knowledge and experience with defect tracking tools**
  • Knowledge and experience with at least one primary testing category
  • The ability to think and act like an end user
  • Time management skills
  • Good communication skills
  • A passion for testing
  • The capability to work and converse in English
  • Thorough analytical skills

*TestRail, Xray, TestMonitor, ALM/QualityCenter, TestCaseLab, TestLink, Silk Central
** BugZilla, Jira, HP ALM, BugHerd, BugHost

On average, a tester on
our platform has:

3+ mobile phones

Android, iOS.

1 tablet

Android, iOS.

2+ connected devices

Roku TV, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV.

1 desktop computer

Apple Mac, Windows 10 PC.

1 gaming device

Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation, Nintendo Switch.

1 wearable device

Android watch, Apple watch.

What you’ll do

We’re experts in most testing categories including functional, localization,
usability, regression and payments testing.

  • Follow workspace specifications and instructions
  • Test out cool apps
  • Identify and report issues
  • Execute test cases and provided test steps
  • Provide improvement feedback for diverse test cases
  • Issue reproduction tasks
  • Test fixes
  • Closely collaborate with teammates

Tester journey

  1. Set up your profile

  2. Earn at least one capability-specific skill certification

    Testlio testers must earn at least one capability-specific certification before Network acceptance. Then, testers earn different capability-specific certifications throughout their career. All Testlio certifications are created in the Testlio platform environment and prepare testers for a diversity of real testing experiences.

  3. Verify your identity

  4. Gain access to our exclusive network

  5. Test in real paid workspaces

  6. Receive real-time ratings to keep you at the top of your game

    Testlio uses a rating system that measures testers availability, responsiveness, efficiency, and effectiveness along multiple dimensions. The rating is based on a 100-point scale and helps guide Testers on pathways of growth and mastery.

  7. You’ve made it to the 3%

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