Co-Managed Software Testing

Testlio’s co-managed testing approach combines solutions and services to meet variable projects needs.

Why Co-Managed Software Testing

Testlio’s software testing platform coupled with direct access to our freelance tester Network and the ability to add unlimited in-house testers to the platform means you get behind the steering wheel whenever you desire. This flexibility comes in handy for quick fixes and running tests at any time of the day or night.

Faster Coverage

  • Perform tests in minutes
  • Gain additional overnight and weekend testing
  • Rely on coverage on any device, any language, any location

Control Automated and Manual Testing

  • Author tests
  • Run your own automated and manual tests if/when you want
  • Kick-off tests

Scale Quickly with Fewer Resources

  • Augment in-house QA team with freelance testers and quality engineers
  • Leverage a single platform for automated and manual testing
  • Rely on Testlio for ongoing project management, coaching, and reporting

Value and Transparency

  • We provide exceptional economic value unlimited licenses and no hidden costs
  • 整个测试过程获得可见性

We’ve discovered that some clients prefer more control over authoring and co-managing their testing.

How Co-Managed Software Testing Works

It’s about flexibility and not only a deep understanding of what keeps our clients awake at night, but also the most efficient tools to help them rapidly ship the best products.
Testlio software and a global network of freelance Testers and Quality Engineers provide a holistic testing environment that empowers app producers to scale their testing in minutes, based on immediate needs. Testlio works to coach, consult, and make sure your projects stay on track.

You’re in control

  • Write your own automated, functional, regression, exploratory, and other test cases using Testlio test authoring tools
  • Connect your DevOps tech stack through the Testlio API, partnerships with test automation tools, plus integrations for CI/CD and issue tracking
  • Continue using your existing tracking and workflow management tools like JIRA
  • Deploy automated tests on racked devices across multiple operating systems through AWS Device Farm
  • Assign test cases and cadence to teams through the Testlio test case management tools
  • Run smoke tests, confirm a hotfix, run reports
  • Monitor test run status using Testlio’s test run management tools

We’ve got your back

  • We review, edit, and write additional test cases for expanded coverage. We update test cases based on tester feedback.
  • Enjoy seamless integration and resolution matching aligned with your workflows and tools
  • Gain full visibility into freelancer location, work, testing schedule and hours, and devices tested
  • Schedule automated, midweek, weekend, or ad-hoc runs as needed
  • Reviews test run results to ensure accuracy and provide issue verification
  • Seamlessly push automated run results to human testing experts who can investigate, reproduce issues, and quickly offer actionable insights back to product and engineering teams
  • Run backlog cleanup cycles. Provide Instabug reports. Provide executive business reviews with performance against benchmarks.

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