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Networked Testing

An important conceptual chapter of Testlio’s journey.


At the same time, networked testing sometimes confused people. Even as we gently stressed the “-ed,” some people read and heard “network testing.” Even Google would often want to display results for “the testing of networks.” (Note: while we consider network conditions when conducting performance testing, we primarily test the software that runs on networks rather than the networks themselves). 

So, after a couple of years we became ready to retire networked testing. We yearned for something still uniquely ours. Something intriguing. Something without baggage. Something we could claim via search and other marketing techniques. 

But as we’ve gained confidence and wisdom, we’ve realized that fused testing is a much bigger idea. It incorporates a broad collection of best practices, across types of testing, meant to drive tangible business outcomes. 

And to everyone who helped bring networked testing to the foreground of Testlio— thank you. It’s been a good ride.

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