Merge testing into your DevOps (CI/CD) workflows and systems.

Automatically share builds with Testlio; immediately initiate testing.


  • Easy

    Minimal coding equips seamless CI/CD → Testlio handoffs.

  • Comprehensive

    Usable for iOS, Android, Web, OTT and other application package types.

  • Fast

    Test Runs can start as soon as builds are available.

  • Insightful

    Better understand release investment and friction points.

  • Secure

    Intelligent access rights, permissions, and expirations ensure that pre-production builds are safe.

  • Unlimited

    Share as many builds as desired with Testlio.


  • API

    Documented Build Service API enables your engineering team to manage how and when your systems handoff to the Testlio platform.

  • Extensions

    Use for all packages and delivery methods (ipa, apk, zip, URL, etc.).

  • Authorization

    Standard JSON Web Token (JWT) is used for authentication.

  • Integrations

    Connect workflows with Jenkins/CloudBees, JetBrains, CircleCI, Azure Pipelines.

  • Markable

    Builds can be shared with notes, tags, resignation data and more.