Turbocharge your application testing initiatives.

Seamlessly capture real-time testing data.


  • Efficiency

    Equip testers to automatically present screenshots, network variables, location information, versioning, configurations, hardware, OS, and more—with the click of a button.

  • Consistency

    With instrumented testing, human reporting oversights are minimized, ensuring dependable, consistent, predictable results.

  • Ease

    Adding Instrumentation libraries to your builds (generally pre-production) is fast, simple, and one-time.

  • Complementary

    If you are using Instabug or other software for end-user crash reporting, Testlio Instrumentation can be deployed with specific build packages for professional testing.


  • SDKs

    With native approaches for iOS and Android, along with techniques for Web, Testlio provides tools for rapid implementation.

  • Capture

    All testing activities are captured (swipes, inputs, clicks, etc.). Everything (including pauses and locks) is time stamped. Screen images are grabbed (every 0.5 seconds by default).

  • Report

    When a tester spots an issue or has an idea for an improvement, reporting is initiated right from the testing location (and connected to the broader Testlio Platform).

  • 配置

    Various settings (such as screen capture times) are configurable, allowing you to balance resources, performance, file sizes, etc.

  • Management

    The Testlio Services team is fully equipped to help you enfuse your app with instrumentation. The Testlio freelance Network can be trained to take full advantage of instrumentation.