Best-in-class issue capture, description, and escalation.

Bi-directional integration with JIRA and other tracking systems.


  • Accuracy

    Generative AI increases issue report creation and accuracy, reducing tester time.

  • Actionable

    When using the Testlio freelance Network and Testlio Services, issues are data-rich and highly actionable.

  • Broad

    Issues can be structured as usability improvements, 错误报告, localization feedback, experience responses, and more.

  • Transferable

    Testlio Issues are intentionally managed in the Testlio Platform, ensuring that whatever is escalated to JIRA (or other tracking systems) is clear and aligned.

  • Reportable

    Unlike most legacy test management tools, issue management is native in Testlio. All testing reporting is consolidated for powerful insights.


  • Structured

    Testlio Issues offers intelligently structured templates for rapid reporting, enhanced by generative AI for more accurate and comprehensive issue descriptions.

  • Integrated

    Aligned issues are automatically escalated to tracking and workflow systems like JIRA; ticket updates are synced back into Testlio.

  • Linked

    Issues are connected to tests and runs to ensure continuous learning and improvements, with AI aiding in identifying patterns and driving quality enhancements.

  • Reproductions

    Assignments and results of reproduction attempts are clearly and seamlessly provided.

  • Messaging

    Comments-based conversations are contextual to Issues, ensuring high-understandability and rapid actionability.

  • Organization

    With an extra boost from generative AI, we now more efficiently locate, sort, star, and track issue validation, improving the speed of bug report management.