Organize your testing strategies and workstreams.

Plans power everything from a single smoke test to weekend-long regressions.


  • Intuitive

    Easy to organize all your test plans, from one-time events to regularly repeated massive exercises.

  • Dynamic

    Plans are continuously updating when you change test data that match set criteria.

  • Integrated

    In addition to working seamlessly with other platform features, plans can be logically aligned with epics, stories, and other concepts to support Agile.


  • Structure

    Work can be organized by operating system, hardware, testing type, time, location, and other concepts.

  • Management

    Track, organize, edit, reuse, and archive plans as needed.

  • Smart Creation

    Construct plans automatically with filters and labels to define what tests should be included.

  • Import/Export

    Bulk add, convert from other systems, and export at any time.