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An inefficient payment experience damages your reputation, results in abandoned carts, and erodes revenue streams. Testlio helps you deliver seamless and accurate payment experiences to all of your users, in any location and on any device.

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Deliver Frictionless Payment Experiences


Reduce the bottlenecks associated with payments testing through Testlio’s smart reimbursement and integration processes.

Delight Customers

Improve CX by ensuring seamless transaction flows between the buyer, payment gateway, and vendor with real funding instruments and devices.

Meet Standards

Verify that your digital transaction process meets legal requirements, local regulations, taxing authorities, and billing standards.

Maximize Revenue

Optimize your end-to-end payments flow to prevent purchase or cart abandonment and avoid lost revenue.

Enhance Your Payment Flow

Connect with our industry-leading services team and a global network of consumer and merchant testers with access to real payment instruments (PI) to help you verify that your payment flow works as expected.

Real Transactions, Real Data

Test your payment flow and validate e-commerce, on-site, and investment transactions using real, location, and currency-specific credit cards, Alternative Payment Methods, metaverse payments, cryptocurrencies, and prepaid payment instruments (PPI).

Extensive Device Coverage

Deploy both manual and automated tests to a combination of racked and in-the-wild devices by leveraging Testlio’s access to more than 1,200 real devices.

Strategic Specialists

Access a carefully vetted network of 10k professional freelancers across 150+ countries ready to test in the markets and local currencies you need.

Actionable Feedback

Receive actionable feedback which includes detailed notes, a rundown of payment methods and devices used, screenshots, and recordings so you can quickly address issues.

Deliver Frictionless Payment Experiences


of Americans use some form of secure digital payments for browser-based, in-app online purchases, in-store checkout using a mobile phone etc.


of US online shoppers have abandoned an order in the past quarter due to a long, complicated checkout process.

$18 Billion

in sales revenue is lost by e-commerce stores because of cart abandonment.

Case Studies & Resources

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E-commerce Payments Testing Case Study

Our client’s rating on the App Store is a world-class 4.9+ stars, and they’ve earned the title as one of Fast Company’s 10 Most Innovative Retailers for 2020.

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