Device Clouds. Device Crowds. Full Coverage.

Real device testing by humans and machines is crucial for software testing at scale. Leverage both to address coverage quickly, from multiple angles.

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A case for humans.

Testing in the wild captures real-world user experiences – browsing, network connections, and infinite devices and operating system combinations.

Testlio’s global network of 10,000 expert testers with more than 1,200 real device/OS combinations can catch and report details missed by automated runs. They mirror your customers’ locations, network connections, and device/OS combinations. And, catch issues like:

  • Network connectivity issues – How do your web and mobile apps respond when your users lose service?
  • Truly accurate displays – What does your web and mobile app look like on a real screen from device to device?
  • Location – Does your digital offering change depending on where it’s used?
  • Physical experiences – Can your apps take pictures and scan QR codes with ease?
  • Interactivity with other apps – Does your web and mobile app switch cohesively between different programs like the app store and photos? Are pop-ups negatively affecting your UX?
  • Interactivity with hardware – Are your apps swiping and dragging like you want them to?
  • Context-driven results – How do device-based variables such as battery life affect your user experience?

A case for machines.

Automated testing on real devices enables you to conduct repeatable tests much faster.

  • Less expensive than managing an in-house device lab.
  • Debug issues faster.
  • Gain immediate access to various devices.
  • Test on new and legacy browser versions

The Real Device Difference

Testlio offers a global network of expert testers, and thousands of cross-platform device combinations fused with automated testing and device farms. Ask for a guided tour to learn how to gain any-to-any coverage.

Increased Confidence

Release your app into the wild without worrying about gaps in coverage due to emulator or simulator blindspots.

Robust Device Coverage

Testlio’s network of experienced experts supports all of your testing needs no matter the device or operating system.

Fast Results

Take advantage of our on-demand testing network that delivers rapid results aligned with your agile testing windows.

Devices Covered

The magnitude of devices, operating systems, and environments enabling today’s apps can overwhelm QA and testing teams and thwart the best-intended coverage strategy. 

Mobile Android App Testing with Testlio


Fully managed Android app test coverage on any hardware manufacturer and carrier.

Apple iOS App Testing with Testlio


Fully managed iOS app test coverage on any Apple device, paired with any carrier.


Whether tethered to apps or standalone, Testlio is a market-leader in testing browser-based experiences.


Consumers expect a flawless desktop app experience. Testlio covers desktop app testing on any operating system.

Smart Watch App Testing with Testlio


From smartwatches, clothing, and glasses, to medical devices and more, Testlio has deep experience with wearables and other IOT offerings. 

Testlio Device Coverage Consoles


When apps must run flawlessly on Xboxes, Playstations and/or other consoles, Testlio ensures broad coverage.

Testlio Device Coverage Streaming


With deep expertise in livestream, analytics and other capabilities, Testlio ensures that native apps work well on Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, AppleTV and more.

Voice testing with Testlio


Increasingly, digital experiences must work well on and with voice-oriented services like Amazon Alexa, Google Voice, and Apple Siri.

Testlio Device Coverage AR and VR


When apps are connected to headsets and other equipment to power augmented or virtual worlds, Testlio can help.

Testlio Device Coverage


From appliances to home monitoring; from field sales printers to automotive plug-ins; from custom handsets and more, Testlio is there for you. 

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