Testlio has you covered.

Testlio powers burstable software testing. We’ve got you covered. On any device. In any location. In any language.

Coverage matters when considering a testing partner.

At Testlio, we think of test coverage on three dimensions:

1. Devices: Broad device coverage matters in testing. Whether it’s manual or automated testing, you can deploy to a combination of racked and in-the-wild devices, across multiple OSes, platforms, and devices leveraging Testlio’s access to 1,200 real devices and AWS Device Farm.

Devices Covered

The magnitude of devices, operating systems, and environments enabling today’s apps can overwhelm QA and testing teams and thwart the best-intended coverage strategy. 

Mobile Android App Testing with Testlio


Fully managed Android app test coverage on any hardware manufacturer and carrier.

Apple iOS App Testing with Testlio


Fully managed iOS app test coverage on any Apple device, paired with any carrier.


Whether tethered to apps or standalone, Testlio is a market-leader in testing browser-based experiences.


Consumers expect a flawless desktop app experience. Testlio covers desktop app testing on any operating system.

Smart Watch App Testing with Testlio


From smartwatches, clothing, and glasses, to medical devices and more, Testlio has deep experience with wearables and other IOT offerings. 

Testlio Device Coverage Consoles


When apps must run flawlessly on Xboxes, Playstations and/or other consoles, Testlio ensures broad coverage.

Testlio Device Coverage Streaming


With deep expertise in livestream, analytics and other capabilities, Testlio ensures that native apps work well on Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, AppleTV and more.

Voice testing with Testlio


Increasingly, digital experiences must work well on and with voice-oriented services like Amazon Alexa, Google Voice, and Apple Siri.

Testlio Device Coverage AR and VR


When apps are connected to headsets and other equipment to power augmented or virtual worlds, Testlio can help.

Testlio Device Coverage


From appliances to home monitoring; from field sales printers to automotive plug-ins; from custom handsets and more, Testlio is there for you. 

Locations Covered

Testlio’s got your ‘where’ covered with a global network of validated freelancers ready to tackle any testing need in any location. They are traveling, shopping, and experiencing apps in the same locations as your customers using real-device in real-world settings. Our engagement managers are coupled with client teams and test managers/test leads, organized 24/7 across AMER, EMEA, and APAC. 

Mobile Android App Testing with Testlio


As your business concentrates on in-country experiences, Testlio can help. With freelance testers in 150+ countries, we likely already have coverage. And our Network team can recruit additional expert freelance testers and quality engineers anywhere you need us.

Apple iOS App Testing with Testlio


For advertisers, streaming media, sports and other providers, specific city-oriented metros matter greatly. Testlio has worked with major outlets like CBS and Fox, ensuring that for the biggest game or event, the right testers are available—live.


Whatever the app, from IoT testing on Alexa and Google voice-enabled devices, to home monitoring systems, doorbells, appliances, and more, Testlio has your in-home needs nailed.


Whether it’s on planes, trains, or automobiles – Testlio tests your app-driven experience during real-life moments of travel. Apps are used every day while ride-sharing, taking a bus, driving a car, or even tooling around on scooters. Testlio drives your travel experience test coverage home.

Smart Watch App Testing with Testlio


Apps often serve as valuable resources for getting work done. Testlio covers professional and business apps in real-work situations and environments.

Testlio Device Coverage Consoles


App-driven experiences are propelling changes in how retailers and restaurants engage. We bring real, expert testers to your stores to ensure that your app/store combinations are great. 

Testlio Device Coverage Streaming


Your apps are used everywhere, including sporting events, festivals, and amusement parks. How do you find testers for these venues? Testlio, of course.

Testlio Device Coverage


Languages Covered

As the world continues to get smaller, your apps must speak to native users across the globe. Lucky for you, Testlio’s educated and certified testers live in 150+ countries and speak 100+ languages.

Here’s a small sampling of languages we test for our clients. 

Mobile Android App Testing with Testlio


Testlio no kenshō-zumi tesutā no nettowāku wa, hobo 150-kakoku ni sunde ori, nihongo o fukumu 100 ijō no gengo o hanashimasu!

Apple iOS App Testing with Testlio


Le réseau de testeurs validés de Testlio vit dans près de 150 pays et parle plus de 100 langues, dont le français!

Mandarin Chinese

Testlio de cèshì rényuán wǎngluò biànbù jìn 150 gè guójiā, jiǎng 100 duō zhǒng yǔyán, dāngrán bāokuò zhōngwén!


taistlio ke pareekshaarthiyon ka maany netavark lagabhag 150 deshon mein rahata hai aur hindee sahit 100 se adhik bhaashaen bolata hai!

Smart Watch App Testing with Testlio


taeish shabakat aikhtibar Testlio almuthwqt fi hawalay 150 dawlatan watatahadath ‘akthar min 100 lughatan , bima fi dhalik allughat alearabia!

Testlio Device Coverage Consoles


Ujian penguji Testlio di hampir 150 negara dan bercakap lebih dari 100 bahasa, termasuk bahasa Melayu!

Testlio Device Coverage Streaming


Proverennaya set’ testirovshchikov Testlio prozhivayet pochti v 150 stranakh i govorit na boleye chem 100 yazykakh, vklyuchaya russkiy!

Testlio Device Coverage


Ṭēsṭali’ōra parīkṣakagaṇēra baidhatāprāpta nēṭa’ōẏārka prāẏa 150 ṭi dēśē bāsa karē ēbaṁ bānlā saha 100 ṭira’ō bēśi bhāṣāẏa kathā balē!

Testlio Device Coverage


A rede validada de testadores da Testlio vive em quase 150 países e fala mais de 100 idiomas, incluindo o português!

Testlio Device Coverage


The Testlio Difference

We help leading brands and emerging companies by way of comprehensive test coverage and the Testlio App Testing Platform: Experienced people – enabled by technology – who do the heavy lifting to scale and manage your app testing with ease.

Our Customers Love Us.

Your customers rely on your apps every day, and we care about their experience as much as you do. Testlio has deep domain expertise and we only hire passionate and rigorously verified global freelancers and QA industry leaders to manage projects.
We’ve proudly earned an industry-leading NPS score, which is why the world’s best app developers and clients trust Testlio to manage their test coverage.

Flexible Managed Services

Global Test Coverage

In addition to device farm simulators for automated tests, our freelancers collect real devices to match real-life performance. This diversity of test coverage means fewer false positives and more complete, reliable results. Our sophisticated recommendation algorithm complements the most challenging coverage strategy by pairing you with targeted devices, operating systems, environments, and testers in the regions that matter most.

Transparent and Scalable Platform

You have visibility into every step of the testing process – from freelance testers, devices, and test cycles, to issues uncovered. Our world-class testing software enables your Testlio team to efficiently manage your test coverage so you can spend your time building world-class apps.

Our Clients

Dream up any testing scenario. We’ve got you covered.

Testlio is the leader software testing. We can help!

  • Take comfort in a managed services approach that combines expert project managers averaging 10+ years of QA industry experience and Testlio’s freelance Network of passionate testers and quality engineers.
  • Gain visibility into your testing environment by way of Testlio’s transparent testing process and world-class testing software.
  • Tap into Testlio’s magnitude of app testing capabilities to assure test coverage on any device, any location, and any language.