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Business software testing is complex and the user experience is increasingly paramount.

With years of business software testing experience, Testlio helps leading enterprise, B2B, and business applications deliver their best products.

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How we help

Challenge: Device Coverage

Business users expect to access software on personal devices; however, testing the growing number of available devices can be prohibitive.

  • Maintain testing coverage and prevent escaped issues by testing under real-world conditions on 1200+ real, in-the-wild hardware device types and OS.
  • Combine manual coverage with automated tests through Testlio or integrations with Applitools, BrowserStack, Headspin, mabl, and more.
  • Ensure your software runs perfectly on desktop, web, mobile web, and native mobile.

Challenge: Resource Capacity

Scaling your business software testing capacity for continuous innovation and to meet dynamic testing demands is difficult and expensive.

  • Scale overnight with expert on-demand testers, QE, and the Testlio Services team to enhance testing strategy, planning, execution, and reporting.
  • Rapidly expand location and language coverage through expert QA and QE freelancers in 150+ countries.
  • Align your testing windows and code downtime with global testing resources for continuous 24/7 testing.

Challenge: Release Velocity

Business software is inherently complex and takes longer to test, impacting development schedules and customer needs.

  • Fast-track development and accelerate test planning and execution time through expert client services, and burstable testers, and the networked testing approach.
  • Unite disjointed teams and streamline workflows through a single testing platform that integrates with your development ecosystem.
  • Harness the speed of automation and skill of real testers through fused testing.

Challenge: Application Quality

Business software defects in production are costly to fix and impact user experience as well as business outcomes.

  • Leverage broad testing capabilities to uncover functional, usability, performance, payments, accessibility issues, and more.
  • Partner with our dedicated business software services team to drive testing strategy, planning, management, and more.
  • Leverage best practices and expertise from Testlio’s Automated Testing, Networked Testing, and UX Centers of Excellence
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Top Business Software Testing Capabilities

Fused automated & manual testing

Optimize your testing strategy by fusing automated and manual testing to improve speed, quality and coverage.

Functional testing

Execute complex feature and lengthy regression testing with speed by activating burstable expert testers and automated testing.

Location & localization testing

Ensure your software works in any location, language, and device through a network of on-demand testers native in 100+ languages.

Usability testing

Accelerate usability testing and improve enterprise user experience under the supervision of leading UX experts and hand-selected testers.

Integration testing

Ensure the increasing number of integrations and APIs in your software ecosystem function as expected across real-world user scenarios.

Performance testing

Activate on-demand testers with varying devices, network connections, and locations to identify performance issues before your business users.

Video testing

Conduct expert video and livestream testing to ensure your remote workforce can use video capabilities to connect and collaborate easily.

Payments testing

Test the vast number of payment methods, locations, and subcomponents of secure financial transactions so they work as intended.

“The staff is friendly and helpful in organizing and executing validation flows and cases as part of our mobile release process. The service provided by Testlio is a vital part of our deployment and effort to maintain the quality of our deliverables.”

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